The Flirtacious Looks Academy was designed for Makeup Artists who are ready to elevate their skills and transform their passion for Makeup Artistry into a full-time career.

You have the power to make your dreams come true..


Whether you are an aspiring artist that wants to turn your passion for makeup into a career, or a professional makeup artist wanting to improve your skills in a new area, the Flirtacious Looks Academy will allow you to expand your skills and teach you expert-level makeup techniques to build upon. Regardless of your current skill set, we invite you to learn at your own pace and encourage you to maximize your business potential through the valuable insight provided in each course. You will receive direct support and guidance by Flirtacious Looks herself — Miami-based multiple-CEO business owner, renowned MUA, and Makeup Educator with over 9 years of professional experience in the makeup industry.

The Flirtacious Looks Academy consists of the following courses:

  1. Monetizing Your Business: Entities, IG, & Marketing 101
    1. Creating Your Own Entity
    2. How To Monetize Your Instagram
  2. The Art of Makeup: Color Theory
    1. Identifying & Classifying Color
    2. Foundation Matching
    3. Color Correcting
    4. Shopping Like A Pro
    5. Makeup Product Terminology
  3. Fundamentals of Facial Symmetry: Highlight & Contour
    1. Flirtacious Face & Eye Shapes
  4. The Prep: Client, Kit, & Self Preparation
    1. All Things Skin
    2. Tools, Sanitation & Self Care
  5. Flirtacious Looks Focus: Signature Glam Techniques
    1. Focus: Lighting
    2. Focus: Full Glam Tutorial
    3. Focus: Eyebrow & Eyeshadow Techniques

In addition to the Flirtacious Looks Academy curriculum, which includes 13 comprehensive video series and 3 information-packed, downloadable PDFs, you will also become a part of the Flirtacious Looks Fam! This means you will have FREE access to our PRIVATE community —both online and in-person— allowing you to network and socialize with like-minded artists in the community. Best part of all, you gain LIFETIME ACCESS to all of it.


Monetizing Your Business: Entities, IG, & Marketing 101

Get ready to dive into success! Here you will learn all about Instagram, how to develop your brand, build a strategic framework for your business, and monetize your social media to achieve business growth and increase profits like a pro. I break down the ins and outs of Instagram and teach you how to set up your social media profile for success. This two-part video series gears into Advertising, Finance & Business Entities, too! Here we weigh out all the behind-the-scenes intricacies such as bookkeeping, business startup tips, and we talk about the pros and cons of the different entities available so that you can choose the one that is right for you. I give you all the resources and messaging tips needed, including an entry-level Advertising course to help you efficiently target your audience. Once you understand these fundamentals, you can then move on to my downloadable Campaign Checklist: “There's No Biz Like Show Biz.” This will ensure you are set up for success campaign, after campaign.

 Main Takeaways:

  • How to Monetize your Instagram

  • Advertising Campaign Tips & Creating Your Perfect Target Audience

  • Finance & Business Entities: From Zero to CEO

  • Downloadable PDF: “There's No Biz Like Show Biz” Campaign Checklist


The Art of Makeup: Color Theory

Welcome to Color Theory! Here you will find a 5-part video series on everything you need to know about color. To truly understand the art of makeup, you will need to confidently understand the color wheel, how colors work together, and how this key foundational knowledge will allow you understand how to enhance and neutralize skin tones as a professional MUA. I go as deep to teaching you how to read your foundation and concealer labels, and I even take you shopping with me so you can confidently shop on your own!

 Main Takeaways:

  • The Color Wheel: Identifying & Classifying Color
  • Foundation Matching: How to Color Match & Foundation Swatch
  • Color Correcting: How to Neutralize & Conceal Discoloration
  • Understanding Surface Tones versus Undertones
  • Shopping On Your Own: Reading Foundation and Concealer Labels
  • Understanding Product Terminologies

Fundamentals of Facial Symmetry: Highlight & Contour

Welcome to the true definition of makeup, creating facial symmetry! In the Fundamentals of Facial Symmetry: Highlight & Contour video series, we go over every single face shape, eye shape, and learn how to play off each unique feature. Throughout this course, you will gain the knowledge and skills to take on any face or eye shape and learn how to balance features, add light and dimension through highlight and contouring techniques based off these unique differences. I also include a fast-pass cheat sheet! This downloadable PDF: “Client Assessment” is your go-to guide for mastering the ins and outs of various face and eye shapes. I highly encourage you to print and take along with you as an extension of me until you are comfortable enough and do not need me there physically!

 Main Takeaways:

  • Creating Symmetry Part 1: Determining Face Shapes
  • Creating Symmetry Part 2: Determining Eye Shapes
  • Highlighting & Contouring Using Your Client Feature’s Assessment.
  • Downloadable PDF: Client Assessment

You have the power to make your dreams come true..


The Prep: Client, Kit, & Self Preparation

As an artist, please understand you will spend as much time on your kit maintenance and upkeep than actual artistry (if not more!) which is why this course is so important. Here in this 3-video series you will learn all the tips and tricks in setting yourself up for continued success. I will first start with tools and sanitation, and then move on to self-care. Here I dive deep to show you everything you will need in your kit, my personal kit go-to’s, and all about my product knowledge, to the products and brands I use and recommend. Based off my years of experience, I show you some of the most pivotal MUA hacks: how to clean, depot, dispose, and sanitize your entire kit, and I will teach you precisely why this is key.

When it comes to skin, I will elaborate on all that you need to know regarding proper skin prep. We will determine client skin types, cosmetic skin prepping ingredients, and skin viscosities. Lastly, I will show you how to teach your clients to prep their skin, as I demonstrate multiple techniques on how to prep various skin types ranging from normal, to dry and oily skin!

Main Takeaways:

  • Prepare For Success: Client, Kit & Self-Preparation
  • Skin 101: Determining Skin Types, Skin Prep Ingredients, & Skin Viscosities.
  • Client Skin Prep: How To Prep Various Skin Types Before Makeup Application.

Flirtacious Looks Focus: Signature Glam Techniques

Welcome to The Flirtacious Focus! In this 3-part video series, I really wanted to highlight my signature looks, but before we can get into my favorite signature glam techniques, I dive into the importance of understanding color temperature in lighting, not just ring lights. Understanding the full spectrum of lighting determines everything about your final product!

Then, I give you a full brow and smokey eye moment to show you the three different brow types and how to fill accordingly, along with three signature eye looks. The final video wraps up everything I have taught you in the Academy, concluded by a full 45-minute step-by-step tutorial showing you my signature glam on my muse.

Main Takeaways:

  • Lighting Focus: Color Temperature & Client Lighting Set Up.
  • Brow Focus: 3 Types of Brows
  • Eye Focus: 3 Signature Eyes Looks (Light to Dark Smoke, All Over Smokey, & Wing Liner-Signature Look)
  • 45-Minute Tutorial Showcasing My Signature Glam on My Muse


Dive into your dream career in Makeup Artistry with 1-on-1 exclusive mentorship with none other than Flirtacious Looks herself. This multiple-business owner CEO, Entrepreneur, and renowned MUA —specializing in Makeup Education— is equipped to provide invaluable hands-on-training and guide you through in-depth preparation toward a lucrative career in makeup artistry.

Upon application, select candidates can look forward to the 8-week mentorship program, consisting of four 1-on-1 trainings along with a four-week internship in-studio, which will entail anywhere from one- to three-hour classes per week. In order to apply for the in-person 1-on-1 mentorship program, you must have first completed the Flirtacious Looks Academy online.

Along with gaining refined skills, confident expertise, and well-rounded understanding of the foundations of makeup, you will be guaranteed an opportunity to work with Flirtacious Looks upon graduating!

To top off all this valuable insight, you will be provided with your very own custom Makeup Kit ($1500+ value) including everything you will possibly need to jump right into business. Practice makes perfect and Flirtacious Looks will be by your side every step of the way, so that you, too, can become just as influential and progressive in the beauty world, and self-empowered in your new business while doing what you love!