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Flirtacious Basics helped me create the structure of artistry to then help me develop what is to come. Get excited for all personalized & in depth tutorial videos.


I definitely recommend taking my lessons before you tap into personalized videos to the understand makeup terminology, & your very own features to follow along. 


What can you start learning about today is Flirtacious Basics! A 12 week drip program that teaches you the fundamentals of artistry. Whether it’s for yourself or to create a successful business out of it.


I have created the perfect curriculum to understand all things makeup. Want full access to the lessons without waiting 12 weeks, make sure to check out our fast track program. 


One thing is to amplify your beauty, but with Flirtacious Looks and Lessons you walk away with the knowledge and confidence to master it on your own.


Headshot Photography Glam Tutorial

We all know there are different makeup applications depending on lighting, setting & mood. Here we have a 25 minute in depth tutorial on how to achieve this gorgeous matte eyeshadow & matte skin ready for her professional close up! Come tap into my tips & tricks when working with models. 

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New to Beauty

The beauty industry can be so overwhelming! And since makeup is subjective to taste it may feel like every blogger has their own routine. Well, today I have included a step by step tutorial not only explaining the product, but WHY I'm using the product in an easy & fun way to learn, watch & follow along! If you're new to beauty welcome, you're definitely not alone, leave comments once you start. 


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